My full-time, onsite Industrial Design position from August to December 2021 -

Designworks is the design innovation studio for the BMW Group. As an intern, I've taken part in many client facing projects of various industries. Including but not limited to design support for heavy duty industrial vehicles, recreational vehicles, seating, medical equipment, gaming, and agriculture. Our design process was tailored to client needs, including key sketching, rendering, full-scale prototyping, and storytelling - all onsite.

Following my time as an architect of future, I'm excited to follow our mantra to "rattle the cage". Challenging the world's perspectives and solutions for cutting edge problems - Determining better outcomes for our future.

The following video showcases BMW Materia - One of many projects I had supportive roles in during my time at DW. Any of the previously mentioned categories of work are confidential until further notice.

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Industrial Designer

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45 Brookside Dr
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