About Me.

Hey! I'm from Chicago, Illinois. Ever since I was young, I always aspired to be creative in my surroundings and make things. My parents could hardly convince me to ever put away the Legos and I was always doodling in the margins of my notebooks. Coming from a traditional STEM background, my interests in engineering were grounded, yet I was missing that creative spark. I discovered Industrial Design through pre-college design courses and quickly grew into my passion from there.

I began my ID education in 2018 at the University of Kansas and will be graduating in May of 2022. As my design skills are constantly maturing, I am becoming more confident with my place in this industry, my philosophies as a young designer, and my ability to learn from others’ perspectives and improve lives through design.

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Industrial Designer

(630) 200-5315

45 Brookside Dr
Roselle, IL 60172